3d-and-4d-ultrasound-during-pregnancy-722x406G.A Carmichael PHRM/ISS Program

The Perinatal High Risk Management/Infant Services System (PHRM/ISS) is a case management program for high-risk pregnant women and their babies less than one year old. PHRM/ISS provides enhanced access to health care, nutritional and psychosocial support, home visits, and health education.

*The purpose of PHRM/ISS is to help reduce the infant mortality rate and to help reduce the rates of low and very low birth weight infants in Mississippi.

Who Is Eligible?--

Medicaid beneficiaries are eligible to participate in the PHRM/ISS case management program when a provider identifies one or more positive risk factors on the PHRM/ISS Perinatal Screening Form.

PHRM/ISS Services:

If you are eligible and decide to participate in the PHRM/ISS program, you will receive services from a case management team consisting of a public health nurse, social worker, and nutritionist. Your case management team may help you with:

  • Finding a medical home for you and/or your baby
  • Referrals for services such as Medicaid, food stamps (SNAP) and WIC
  • Referrals for family planning, transportation, medical services and breastfeeding assistance
  • Health information such as preparing for the hospital, infant safety, and healthy infant development
  • Nutritional information

w01_342311_bi_5944_pregWhat is your Role?

This is a voluntary program. If you decide to participate, and your health care provider decides that you are qualified to enroll, you will be asked to:

  • Participate in your appointments with the PHRM/ISS case management team.
  • Provide a working contact number for your PHRM/ISS case manager to reach you.
  • Keep the PHRM/ISS case manager up to date about appointments with other providers.
  • Let the PHRM/ISS case manager know if you are having any problems with your pregnancy or baby.
  • Ask questions to help us better serve you.