G.A Carmichael PHRM/ISS Program

The Perinatal High Risk Management/Infant Services System (PHRM/ISS) is a case management program for high-risk pregnant women and their babies less than one year old. PHRM/ISS provides enhanced access to health care, nutritional and psychosocial support, home visits, and health education.

*The purpose of PHRM/ISS is to help reduce the infant mortality rate and to help reduce the rates of low and very low birth weight infants in Mississippi.

Who Is Eligible?

Medicaid beneficiaries are eligible to participate in the PHRM/ISS case management program when a provider identifies one or more positive risk factors on the PHRM/ISS Perinatal Screening Form.

PHRM/ISS Services:

If you are eligible and decide to participate in the PHRM/ISS program, you will receive services from a case management team consisting of a public health nurse, social worker, and nutritionist. Your case management team may help you with:

  • Finding a medical home for you and/or your baby
  • Referrals for services such as Medicaid, food stamps (SNAP) and WIC
  • Referrals for family planning, transportation, medical services and breastfeeding assistance
  • Health information such as preparing for the hospital, infant safety, and healthy infant development
  • Nutritional information

What is your Role?

This is a voluntary program. If you decide to participate, and your health care provider decides that you are qualified to enroll, you will be asked to:

  • Participate in your appointments with the PHRM/ISS case management team.
  • Provide a working contact number for your PHRM/ISS case manager to reach you.
  • Keep the PHRM/ISS case manager up to date about appointments with other providers.
  • Let the PHRM/ISS case manager know if you are having any problems with your pregnancy or baby.
  • Ask questions to help us better serve you.